How to Get a Guy to Like You Again

Getting a guy to like you again may involve a game of emotional chess.Getting a guy to like you again may involve a game of emotional chess.

Women often desire relationships with men they have strained relationships with. This task may become more complicated when romantic feelings are involved. Since deep hurts and personal pride may make it tough to get a guy to like you again, it is important to prepare for an intense battle of emotional chess. Regardless of the struggle, it is possible to get a guy to like you again.

Step 1

Acknowledge his apprehensions. There may be legitimate reasons why his feelings for you changed. It is important that you acknowledge any concerns he may have about liking you again to show that you’re being realistic about the current situation. This is not the time to try to rush him into making decisions or force him to admit lingering feelings he may have for you.

Step 2

Apologize for any wrongs. He must feel that you’re sincerely sorry about your misdeeds before his heart can be free to let you in again. Take the time to analyze your past with him to sort through your share of any relationship blunders and missteps. Express your sincere desire to counteract the wrongs you’ve committed in the past. This will help create a new picture of the more mature and responsible you.

Step 3

Tap into his desires. Find out what he’s looking for in a woman and try to embody this ideal. While you shouldn’t attempt to become someone else, you should attempt to offer what he currently needs. Avoid using your past experiences with him when determining his current emotional status and relationship desires. Approach him with the knowledge that this is a new romantic opportunity.

Step 4

Play up to his ego. Give him compliments that let him know he’s being watched and that his personality and actions are desirable. This will make him start performing for you and thinking about your reactions to his performances. Engage in conversations that allow him to express hobbies and interests and give you a chance to comment on his skills or knowledge.

Step 5

Keep him interested in your next move. Since boredom is often an indication of disinterest, it is important to keep a guy’s mind occupied with your romantic intentions and associated actions. Remain aware of his reactions to your advances to find the best ways to get back into his heart and mind. While you can’t force someone to like you, you can make it hard for them not to.

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  • Remind him of the positive things that occurred in your past encounters to help him retrieve positive memories and associations.


  • Avoid sounding too needy when attempting to discuss your past relationship offenses.

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