Does a Guy Like You if He Buys Roses?

Examine the situation to uncover the truth behind the gift.Examine the situation to uncover the truth behind the gift.

Roses are a traditional romantic gift for a love interest, but some men might not know the meaning behind the romantic blooms. Sometimes the gesture is a simple act of friendship, not romantic appreciation, which can send you mixed signals and leave you wondering if he likes you in a romantic sense.

The Occasion

Flowers can be a standard gift for many occasions, so look at the date on the calendar before you make any assumptions. A death in the family or a recent celebratory event may explain the gift. For example, if a man provides you with roses for graduating from college, the gesture might just be a congratulatory gift because he couldn’t think of anything more suiting. Reserve judgment in situations like this until how he feels about you becomes clear.


How a man presents you with roses is a huge factor in determining if he likes you. For example, if he presents you with roses in a secluded spot away from his friends, take that as a good sign you interest him. Sending roses to work for no reason at all is also a big indicator. Adversely, if he shows up and plops a few roses in your arms in front of everyone before he runs off to spend time with his buddies, the gift is probably an empty gesture.

Body Language

A man provides subtle when he likes you. Examine his body language when he presents you with the roses. If he “accidentally” makes contact with your hands, arms or shoulders, he probably likes you. If he leans towards you or spends a lot of time making direct eye contact with you, even when other people are speaking with him, the signs are looking good that he wants to be with you.

Ask About the Gift

If the roses seem to be a gift for no reason, ask why you are receiving them, which also gives you a good chance to flirt and test the waters. If he gives you a reasonable explanation for the roses, reserve your judgment. If he starts to squirm and tries to brush the act off, it’s a sign he likes you but is still shy about it. If you have a brazen man present you with flowers, though, he may come right out and tell you he has feelings for you.

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