How to Know When a Guy Likes You in a Relationship

If he constantly checks you out, he may be into you.If he constantly checks you out, he may be into you.

The prospect of a new relationship is appealing and exciting, but how do you know the guy you're into feels the same way about you? At first, it can be difficult to tell, but in the end, there are some telltale clues that will give his affection for you away. While some of them may seem subtle, they all are important and may signify something deeper. Watch out for these signs and if they are all present, you may be a part of an exciting new relationship.

Check to see if he is staring at you. When you constantly notice him staring at you, this is a sign that he has feelings for you as many guys are are attracted visually. If he is starting to like you, he will be checking you out. It is especially telling if, when you catch him staring at you, he looks away quickly and pretends he didn't just get caught. The next time you catch him staring at you, try smiling at him and see if he smiles back -- it will be a sure sign of his feelings for you if he does.

Notice if he always happens to be where you are. If the guy you like shows up everywhere you go, it may mean you have similar schedules or it may mean he likes you and wants to be around you. If you are in a class together and he sits next to you, this is an indicator that he wants to start a conversation. If you are eating lunch and he asks to join, even in a group setting, this means he is looking for a way to get to know you that does not seem too obvious.

Observe his attempts to make conversation. This can be an obvious indicator that he has feelings for you. If you don't know him well and he is making an effort to start talking with you, he wants to get to know you and wants you to notice him. If he asks you about your life -- hobbies, interests and passions -- he is definitely showing signs of someone who is interested. When a man wants to be in a relationship with a woman, he wants to get to know her and show her that he is interested in who she really is. The next step he may take is asking you on a date to get to know you even better.

Perceive his flirtatiousness. A man who likes a woman will flirt with her, play with her and tease her. It is his way of having fun with her and testing the waters to see if she enjoys his company. If a man is constantly giving you a hard time, he wants to see you smile and make you laugh. This is what some men who have their eye on a woman do, so if he goes out of his way to flirt with you and make you grin, he may be here to stay.

Notice if he touches you. If he touches you casually on the shoulder or arm when the two of you are speaking, this is a huge sign that he is interested in being more than just friends. If he did not like you in that way, he would have no reason to be that physically close to you. This is one of the most obvious signs that he has a crush on you.

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  • Be patient when it comes to finding out if he has feelings for you. If he does, he will eventually let you know, and you won't have to go out of your way to find out.

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