How to Know When a Guy Loves You

A portrait of a happy young couple smiling outside.A portrait of a happy young couple smiling outside.

When your guy has fallen head over heels for you, but is not great with verbal affirmations of love, check his non-verbal cues for telltale signs he loves you. Showing his respect for you, introducing you to family and friends and wanting to spend his free time with you are all good indications that he’s fallen hard. Alternatively, watching for signs of non-commitment may help you determine if he’s someone with whom you want to form a future.

He Respects You

A man that loves you doesn't necessarily have the same opinions as you do -- it's more about how he responds to your views or beliefs that indicate if he’s in love. Just because he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with you, a man that loves a woman shows respect for her perspective and listens to her without criticizing or verbal bashing. He values your opinion even if he ends up disagreeing. A man that respects you treats you well, cares about what’s going on in your life and celebrates your accomplishments. And he appreciates all of your quirky characteristics.

Tells the World

When he introduces you to family members and friends who mean the most to him, as well as expressing an interest to meet your family and friends, these are both good indicators that he’s falling for you. Public displays of affection are often a telltale sign he wants the world to know he loves you. Some men are hesitant to show public displays of affection, but when he puts his arm around you in public or openly holds your hand, he’s announcing to the world that you are a couple and that he’s feeling protective over you.

Invests His Time

When a man loves you, he wants to spend time with you; he doesn't push you aside to spend all of his free time with his friends. He may be busy with work, school, family or other commitments, but when he truly loves you, he spends time with you. A man who is in love has no qualms about helping you when you need it, like when you require cold medicine from the drug store, a drive to the doctors or even if you have a flat tire that needs changing.

He Loves You Not

Certain signs read loud and clear that he might not love you, or be that into you, especially when all he can talk about is his ex. Talking continually about his former girlfriend or spouse suggests that he has unresolved issues or still has feelings for her. When he tells you he’s not ready for a relationship, then take his word on it -- he probably does not want one. Love does not require that he share his smartphone or tablet passwords, but if he is covertly secretive and does not allow you to go near his phone, his actions might suggest he has something to hide.

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