How to Know If a Guy Online Is Married

Women need to be knowledgable about online dating.Women need to be knowledgable about online dating.

Online dating has become a popular and legitimate way to meet people and form relationships. The Internet allows anonymity and offers women a degree of protection. It also increases the risk of deception by someone with the wrong intentions. Some married men use online dating sites to flirt with women or carry it further. There are a number of ways to determine if this is the case, and eliminate the men who misrepresent themselves.

Dating sites which charge a fee may screen applicants in a more thorough manner.

Step 1

You have a better chance of meeting an honest and single man on a dating site that charges a fee. A married man will want to avoid credit card charges to a dating site. Free dating sites are rife with married men trolling the Internet.

Married men will try to hide their true identities online.

Step 2

Most dating sites recommend usernames. If you are conversing with a man online, ask for his first and last name. A married man may have limited information on his profile. He may not have a photograph, or may have a photograph that is unclear or does not show his face.

Many people use cellular phones instead of land lines, however this could be a clue that he is hiding a home phone number.

Step 3

Search his name online, but be aware that this may not be his true identity. Access social networking sites to see if he has a profile. Ask for his telephone number and do a reverse search. Check telephone directories in the city or town where he resides. If he provides a cellular number it may be because he does not have a land line or he does not want you to contact the number. If he provides or you locate a telephone number, block your telephone number by dialing *67 and call. The voice mail may provide clues or a woman may answer.

Married men usually live a different lifestyle than their single counterparts.

Step 4

Ask pertinent questions to prompt him to reveal information about himself. Casually ask him if he cooks, and what he had for dinner the past few nights. Single men cook, but they do not usually prepare meals every night. Ask him about his work. He may have contact information on the Internet, or a profile on business networking site.

The Internet can be a dangerous place if you are not prepared.

Step 5

Ask a lot of questions but do not interrogate him, just appear very interested. People like to talk about themselves. Ask about hobbies, sports or anything where you can glean some personal information. For instance, if he says that he is on a hockey team with some friends, you can say that you would love to see him play sometime and ask for details. If you are younger, ask about school. All of these may lead to information found on the Internet, where you can verify his information. Ask what clubs or restaurants he regularly attends. Married men usually do not frequent clubs, bars or restaurants as single men do.

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  • If he calls you, keep track of the days and times that he calls. If he never calls you in the evening or weekends, it may be because he is at home with his wife.
  • Tell a little white lie that your brother or father is a police officer and that he likes to know about your dating prospects. This may frighten away a married man who does not want anyone prying into his personal life.
  • Ask for his email address. People often create email accounts on sites that cannot be traced.
  • If he has an email account with an Internet provider, chances are he is legitimate.


  • There are sites for people who want to be unfaithful. Do your research before joining any dating site.
  • It is good to be suspicious; however, a man may just be a private person and not hiding anything. If he seems sincere and you are interested, keep correspondence casual while you determine if he is trustworthy.
  • Never provide your home address or invite a strange man to your home. Meet him in a public place and take a cell phone. Tell a friend or relative where you will be.

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