How to Know if a Guy Is Romanticaly Interested and Attracted to You

Colleagues laughing together at workColleagues laughing together at work

Determining whether a guy you like is interested in you can be one of the most maddening and frustrating things on earth. When you find yourself lost in thought about a guy for most of your waking hours, you probably keep asking yourself the million-dollar question: Is he interested in you or not? Instead of driving yourself batty with uncertainty, open your eyes and find out the answer for yourself.

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Step 1

Observe his body language. If a guy is attracted to you, you may notice subtle signs that indicate his feelings. Some of these signs include meaningful eye contact, leaning in close to you when you speak, mimicking your gestures and motions, raised eyebrows, straightening out his hair or outfit (in a subconscious effort to look his best), dilated pupils, straighter posture and rubbing his face frequently.

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Step 2

Notice if he teases you. One safe and fun-loving way that guys often show a girl how they feel is by engaging in a little good-natured ribbing. If a guy makes fun of your cute laugh, your regional dialect or your compulsive shopping habit, he most likely is interested in you. Also look out for any goofy pet names he might have for you -- another playful and spirited indication of attraction.

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Step 3

See if he gets tactile. When a guy is attracted, it is only natural that he will want to get a little closer. If you notice that the object of your affection finds ways to "accidentally" make physical contact with you, then he most likely is into you. These "accidental" brushes against you when he walks by probably are intentional. If his hugs and handshakes last a bit longer than they do with everyone else, he's yours.

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Step 4

Consider how often you see him. If you strangely keep encountering a guy in seemingly random places, perhaps he is making an effort to run into you. If he knows that you study at the library on Wednesday evenings and all of a sudden keeps bumping into you there, he wants you to notice him. If he constantly walks past your desk at work, he wants to get your attention. Essentially, he likes you and wants to see you.

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Step 5

Pay attention to his listening skills. Most people enjoy talking about themselves, men included. If you always have the guy's full attention and focus, and he never appears to be distracted or "somewhere else" mentally, it is probably because you interest -- maybe even fascinate -- him. Extra points if he goes out of his way to ask you detailed questions about you, from your career aspirations to your social life. Take note if he asks questions about your love life, which may be a sign that he's trying to move things up a notch.

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Step 6

Notice how happy he seems around you. If his eyes light up when you talk to him, and he just seems to be more up around you, it is a major indication of his feelings. Also, if he seems to laugh emphatically at practically anything you say (whether it is funny or not), he is crushing hard on you.

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  • The only sure way to find out if a guy is interested in you is by asking him directly. Life is short -- gather your courage and find out his feelings about you.

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