How to Get a Guy at Work to Like You

Working on projects together gives a workplace romance room to grow.Working on projects together gives a workplace romance room to grow.

Going to work isn't always so bad, especially if you have a crush on a coworker. The challenge is how to get this guy to like you. It isn't as impossible as it seems and sparks in the workplace can be mutual. It's possible to get this guy at work to like you back. As long as you're careful and maintain your work and productivity, you can get your work crush to go out with you.

Step 1

Give him compliments. This one is tricky. You want to avoid being excessive in compliments. Never give a compliment that you don't completely mean when it comes to a crush. If he also has feelings for you, he could amp up what you gave as a false compliment. That could be very bad if you didn't actually like the color purple on him or that stinky cologne. Make sure the compliment is true and considerately spoken.

Step 2

Show him your accomplishments without being cocky. Nobody likes someone who is always bragging about all that they do for the company. The competitive side of anybody is rarely the best one to impress a crush. Yet, working hard in his presence and working late to show how much effort you think the company is worth is sometimes impressive. This will leave an impression.

Step 3

Ask him to go for a quick bite to eat when you both work late. This can be said in a manner that is not at all threatening or as though you are asking him out on a date. Simply mention you needing a pick-me-up. Giving him a chance to get to know you away from the work setting in a casual environment can make him really fall for you. He will see the real you.

Step 4

Offer to help him with a challenging project. Simply say that you know where he is coming from. Pick something in your area of expertise and truly help him. He will not only be grateful, but he will see your generous side. Pick something that you want to do. This should be a win-win situation in that you are helping someone in need and impressing the guy you like all at once. He may even give you credit in the workplace for it.

Step 5

Challenge him to a friendly competition. If you wait tables together, see who can sell the most bottles of wine. If you are writers, see who can write the most compelling article on the same topic. Make it something fun so that it doesn't turn into a pressure cooker situation. Having fun with you in the work place can open his eyes to the person you are instead of simply seeing his working co-worker.

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  • Make eye contact that is flirtatious when possible. This can wake him up as well.


  • Don't be too persistent when it comes to dating a co-worker. The last thing you need is an upset in the workplace.

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