Guys to Avoid in Dating

To find Mr. Right, you need to identify Mr. Wrong.To find Mr. Right, you need to identify Mr. Wrong.

Dating is a fun process of meeting new people, sharing stories and learning a little bit about yourself along the way. Dating different guys helps you to narrow down which traits are deal makers --- and for many, deal breakers. If you're like a lot of women, you look at each of these guys as potential suitors for life and therefore should know immediately which ones to avoid.

The Liar

Avoid guys who are dishonest.

Avoiding the liar might seem like a no-brainer, but it's one of the most important traits to identify. Don't allow this man to charm his way into your heart. When things don't add up, especially when you've caught him lying, he's the guy you want to leave right then with no turning back. Liars often make a habit of covering up what's true because they fail to have the gumption to just say what they really mean.

The Cheater

It's risky business dating a cheater.

Standing next to the liar is the cheater. Like a liar, you want to rid yourself of his bad habits early, or you're likely to set yourself up to fall victim as well. There's nothing to say that he can't make a mistake, but when King Cheat-a-Lot tells you he's made mistakes in his past by cheating on the last eight out of eight girlfriends, head for the hills.

The Overachiever

Busy guys might not have much time for you.

Of course you'd love to fall for someone who is successful and well put together. He's the guy who is so busy wheeling and dealing that he's constantly late for your dates or cancels altogether. When work dominates his every waking hour, consider if he has time to cultivate a relationship with you before you attempt to get penciled in his calendar.

The Shadower

Needy guys require too much of your time.

So he's not peering in your window at night, but he is clingy and seems as if life would not exist without you. At the beginning stages of your courtship, having a guy drop everything in his life for you might seem sweet; however, after a while, his obsessive behavior can indicate that he has no life of his own.

The Coat Rider

You don't want a guy who's only getting by on your success.

The coat rider is the complete opposite of the overachiever and is likely to suck you dry as he tries to ride your bandwagon while he figures out the meaning of his own life. Opt for someone whose goals are more in line with yours or where the two of you can swap stories about your individual ambitions and accomplishments.

The Nagger

Complainers can leave you feeling empty.

Nag. Nag. Nag. Nothing going on in life is good enough for this easily annoyed guy. Men can be naggers, too, and if he seems like he'll be way too much of a downer for your needs, offer him a hand in friendship and tell him to call you when he lightens up.

The One-Hitter Quitter

Sex is great in any relationship, but it isn't the sole focus of a lasting one.

Ah, the lady's man. He's a lover of many and spends about as much time cultivating relationships as he does changing underwear. When you realize the only way you'll be a star in his fan club is if you can take a number, don't waste your time or heart scheduling a date.

The Toddler

Date a guy who knows how to act his age and hold up his end of the relationship.

The last thing you're looking for in a possible mate is one you have to babysit --- literally. Guys who are more suited for hanging out on the playground with adolescents will be less likely a qualified candidate for a good boyfriend if you find that you have to take care of his every need. From chauffeuring him around every day to feeding him and making sure he doesn't overindulge at the bar, leave this guy in the sandbox with his building blocks.

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