What Guys Like in a Girlfriend

Making a special girl a girlfriend is a big step for most men.Making a special girl a girlfriend is a big step for most men.

When a young man decides to make that special woman a girlfriend, there are certain attributes that make her especially appealing to him. Every man is different, but there are many similarities as to what a person searches for in an enduring and long-term relationship. These traits combined can make a wonderful relationship withstand the test of time and provide a man with companionship and love.

A Complementing Personality

The personality type a man looks for in a girlfriend varies from person to person and even from relationship to relationship. Whatever personality the woman possesses, it can complement his if it is similar or even totally opposite. For example, a fun-loving, boisterous person could be happy with a girlfriend who is quiet and unassuming, ready to let him have the spotlight. The same type of man may also have a wonderful relationship with a woman who is just as outgoing as he is. Whatever the case, personality is an important part of any couple and the two should coexist pleasantly and peacefully. A man may look for a girlfriend who is relaxed, fun-loving and happy to be in his company.

The Ability to Communicate

A couple must communicate effectively to continue in a relationship. If not, misunderstandings will arise and the atmosphere will be strained or even volatile. Most men like women with the ability to express their feelings and sentiments to keep the peace and the lines of communication open at all times.

An Independent Mindset

A woman who gives up her independence and friends to be part of a couple may ultimately become a burden and a drain on the relationship. A potential girlfriend should maintain her own sense of identity and have a life with close friends and coworkers outside of the one she has with her boyfriend. Men, as a general rule, do not like women who are insecure, needy and clinging.

Attractive Appearance

Appearance might be the first attribute that draws a man toward a specific woman, but over time other qualities become much more important. A man likes a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and is relaxed and confident. A woman who takes good care of herself and maintains her appearance is much more appealing to men also.

Social Skills

Knowing how to get along with and socialize with the friends, acquaintances and family of your new boyfriend is essential to a new relationship. A woman who tries to isolate her boyfriend from others has her own best interests and not those of the relationship at heart. Friendliness, proper etiquette, listening skills, politeness and a beautiful smile are all signs that the woman you are seeing will successfully interact with those other individuals who are important to you.

Ability to Love

Many women have had a difficult time in past relationships and find it difficult to open themselves up to new relationships. In choosing a girlfriend, it is important to most men that the woman be capable of giving and receiving love. Being affectionate, either openly or in private, and caring are also traits to look for in a potential partner.

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