How to Handle a Bad Breakup

A broken heart after a breakup is difficult to heal.A broken heart after a breakup is difficult to heal.

Plenty of people experience numerous breakups before they find the "right one." After a breakup, many are heartbroken over losing their love. Deep unhappiness, shock and feelings of helplessness are very common after a couple separates. Some people grieve for weeks, yet others deal with breakups by sending nasty phone calls and text messages to their ex. No matter how they dealt with the breakup, most people get over it eventually.

Let go in order to begin the healing process. For example, if someone destroyed something you put a lot of effort into, such as a project, you'd be depressed and frustrated. Yet you do let go after some time, because what's done is done and there's nothing you can do that will change that.

Release all the emotions locked up inside of you. Talk to a friend who understands what you're going through. Cry, scream, and punch a pillow for as long as you want. Read your favorite book or watch a movie. Exercise and meditate to help take your mind off the breakup.

Treat yourself to something you love. Buy fashionable clothes, purchase candy and chocolate, or take yourself out to dinner. Do anything that will put a smile on your face.

Bring a notebook and a pen with you and sit in a comfortable chair or on your bed, or go to a cafe. Write down your emotions and anything else that you want to write about. By writing in a journal, you'll be able to release some steam and pent-up feelings.

Give yourself time to heal. No matter what you do, your recovery may not go as fast as you want it to. You may doubt that you will ever smile again, but you undoubtedly will in the future. Be patient and the storm will eventually pass.

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