How to Handle a Crush

Crushes can be exciting and frustrating! Whether you are crushing on somebody, or someone is crushing on you, you have to know how to handle the emotions that are involved. It’s great if the feelings are mutual, but that is not always the case.

Dealing With a Crush

Take action: If you have a crush on someone, you will probably want to get to know him, but you might be afraid at first to let him know how you feel. Try to participate in some of the same activities that he's involved in or attend functions you know that he will attend. However, do not show up everywhere he is. That is called stalking and it should be avoided at all costs. Try to make small talk with him if possible and find ways to keep the communication going beyond that encounter if you can. Leave the door of interest open without being extremely obvious or overly flirtatious.

Don’t smother her! That will make you seem like a stalker and make the person feel uncomfortable. If you wish to make your feelings known, by all means do so, and if the feelings aren’t returned, give your crush her space. Making repeated advances or stalking can become annoying and even scary and will probably make the person you’re interested in not like you at all

Be kind and respectful if someone has a crush on you and the feelings aren’t mutual. There is nothing worse than being crushed by your crush. You don’t want to be misleading but you do want to be nice. You should be firm, yet gentle, in letting them know that you are not interested.

Stop thinking about him: If you are trying to get over a crush that doesn’t return your feelings, you may be a bit heartbroken and sad. If he has a significant other, you have to be respectful of the fact that he isn’t available. Try not to think about him so often. This may not be easy but try to keep yourself otherwise occupied so that you aren’t focused on him non-stop.

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