How to Have a Healthy Christian Dating Relationship

Dating is a necessity everyone must face in order to find the right partner. Adding religion into the equation can prove difficult as a person seeks to understand his desires and those of a partner. With a little self-control and good communication, it is possible to have a healthy Christian dating relationship.

Remember the Christian values. There will be many public and private moments where a person's faith will be tested. The Christian must be able to define and live within Christian moral standards. Never forget that a person's first commitment is to God.

Communicate feelings. Be open and direct with a partner about everything from a day at work to world views. Keep feelings and thoughts out in the open. Avoid sending mixed messages.

Worship together. Although beliefs may not be shared, worshiping together will help faith grow stronger in God and each other. Attend services, bible studies, and prayer meetings together to ensure God is not put on the back burner.

Keep it friendly. Fcous your energy into developing a healthy friendship. Abstain from intimate activity as it may damage a commitment to God or relationship with a partner. Stay away from any uncomfortable situations.

Enjoy the partner. Make time for your partner. Christian values should add to the relationship instead of hindering it.

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  • Interact with other Christian couples to add some variety into dating.

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