How to Have a Romantic Evening

Sometimes a romantic evening is just the thing that you and your partner need to create a special spark. Want to have time away from the everyday, even if you're planning a quiet evening at home? Here are some ways to have a romantic evening.

Consider what your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife likes and considers romantic.

Choose a setting for your romantic evening. It could be your dining room, bedroom or living-room floor. Or you could choose a setting away from home, perhaps a dinner picnic on a mountaintop or by a lake, or even a hotel room near the ocean.

Plan a meal. Ideally, it will fit in with the mood that you have decided to set. Cooking at home? Plan to either have everything prepared for your partner, or to cook together. Either option can contribute to a romantic evening. Planning an outdoor evening? Consider having dinner at sunset or even by moonlight during a full moon.

Decide how to set a romantic mood. This will involve engaging the senses. For example, you could use scented candles to provide lighting and aromas, or choose background music to help set the mood.

Determine whether you want the other party to know about your plan or if you want it to be a surprise. Either way, you should make sure there will not be a scheduling conflict.

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Things You Will Need

  • Scented candles
  • Romantic music


  • The best advice for planning a romantic evening is to be creative and personal. Think about your partner and what he or she likes, then plan accordingly.
  • Want to be sure you have privacy for just the two of you? Turn off cell phones, let the answering machine pick up and, if you have kids, arrange for a babysitter.


  • No romantic evening is guaranteed to go exactly as planned. If something goes wrong, don't panic, just go with the flow.

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