How to know when he has fallen in love with you

Love can be one of the most beautiful gifts in the world providing you know how to distribute it peacefully. In today's society love seems like a light switch you can turn on and off at any given moment. It seems as though the love that used to travel the world has been lost and nearly forgotten until you find it again; it's like discovering a rare jewel. You hear many stories on the news surrounding couples that were supposed to be "in love" but all ended in fatalities. I guess the question we all really want to know is how can love make you hurt someone that you care about? The accumulating number of deaths related to unstable relationships continues to rise more frequently each year because of broken hearts. Growing into my own I've learned that a woman should never play with a man's emotions pertaining to love; things can get very dangerous and very fast. Men have a very sensitvie streak about falling in love and admitting to it. It is an honor that a man can take the first initial steps in admitting he has fallen in love. Most men want to keep their emotions concealed because they feel that being in love shows vulnerability on their part. Well below are just a few hints to knowing if he has fallen in love with you.

You can tell by the way he looks at you when you are with him.

By the number of times he calls you just because.

How he makes you laugh when you talk together.

The way he noticeably lights up when he see you walk into the room.

When he remembers your birthday or a date that you mentioned before without you telling him.

By the way he holds you and kiss you whether alone or in public.

When he shares his credit status or his job salary with you.

If he does any and everything for you; you'll know.

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