How to Heal a Broken Heart in 30 Days

Lost love is always painful, and everyone says it only takes time for a broken heart to heal. That isn't always true. There are ways you can heal a broken heart in 30 days or less and get back to life without the pesky time machine weighing you down.

Write down all the thoughts that swim through your head. You may feel comfortable going over these thoughts with others later, but right now you need to help yourself heal a broken heart in 30 days. Take some alone time and just start writing, and don't stop until your pen runs out of words to write.

Immerse yourself in the memories. Your friends may tell you that it is the worst thing you can do, but right off the bat, it is going to help you heal your heart in less time. Don't try to push all of those thoughts and memories out of your mind. Sit down and look at pictures, listen to your songs, read old letters and visit your old restaurants, parks and haunts.

Spend a few days in bed. That is what you want to do when the pain is fresh, anyway. Put on some music, or sit in silence, and just be in pain. The prolonged healing process can usually be attributed to the mentality that you need to keep yourself, your hands and your mind busy with other things.

Keep your actions in check as you wallow in your pain, because after 30 days, when you have healed your broken heart, you have to hold your head up high in public and in your ex's company, if necessary. Don't embarrass yourself with public displays of anger or grief, but don't suppress these feelings either. Just make sure you are in a safe place to express them when you can.

Get rid of the things that you have successfully cleansed yourself of feeling about. After you have cried over the same picture for 30 days, and it no longer holds the same emotional sway over you, get rid of it. If you don't feel strong enough to throw them out, just put them away where you won't have to look at them every day.

Be careful about putting this person on a pedestal. Even if she left you, and you thought she was the most beautiful person in the world, there were things that upset you and hurt you in the relationship, too. Be mindful of the times that she would yell and get angry for no reason, especially if she ever attempted to physically hurt you in any way. No relationship is ever perfect, and painting this happy picture of the perfect love lost is a good way to take years for your broken heart to heal.

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