How to Heal a Broken Heart After a Breakup

Heal a Broken Heart After a BreakupHeal a Broken Heart After a Breakup

There is no quick fix or magic pills that can heal a broken heart. However time can help heal your heart if that time is spent in a positive way. Days, weeks, and years can go by but if you are submerged in the past or living in denial, your heart will never heal. Here are a few tips to help you.

Create a plan of action for your life and write it down. Putting your plan of action on paper will make it more real and help keep you focused.

For the physical part of your plan of action, I suggest the following:

Join a gym or a recreation center and workout two or three times a week. Get plenty of rest and maintain a healthy balanced diet. Pamper yourself at least once or twice a month with a hair cut, beauty salon visit, a spa, or a massage.

If you have a spiritual foundation lean on your faith.

Read a daily devotional Pray and meditate Talk to a Pastor or counselor Forgive yourself and your ex Don't putting yourself down Don't playing the what if game, "what if I had did this or what if I had not done that." Don't dwell in the past; you can not change it, however you can learn from it.

Locking yourself away will not get ride of the pain that you feel. Get out the house and socialize with friends and family.

Think of things that you have always wanted to do and choose one or all of them. You can join a club or take a fun class at a community college. Give yourself something fun and positive to do on a weekly base.

Start a journal and dump all the pain, anger, sadness and frustrations it. When you have filled the pages with all the negative feelings you are having, begin a new journal. Make it your Love Journal; fill it with your hopes, dreams and accomplishments. Each day that you take a step towards healing is a big deal, right down.

Find a song that makes you feel good and listen to it as you read your love journal. My uplift song is Just Fine by Mary J Blige.

Take a moment and stop focusing on yourself and help someone. You may find that when you are not thinking about your broken heart but rather how you can be of help to someone else, your pain will subside a little.

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  • Healing a Broken Heart will not happen overnight; thank goodness you're not in a race. Life is filled with so many possibilities; you never know what around the corner.
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