How to Help Your Daughter Survive a Breakup

Watching your daughter go through a bad breakup can be a difficult thing that people without children wouldn't understand. You might feel upset, angry and even stressed when trying to help her through this horrible situation. There are a few things that you can do though to help your daughter survive a breakup.

Ask your daughter what happened and why things ended. There are times when all she wants is someone to talk things through with and someone who won't judge her.

Let her know that you'll be there for her no matter what and that she can talk to you about anything. Even if she needs someone to complain to, you can help.

Tell her a story about a bad breakup you once went through. She should know that other people have been there before.

Agree with her, but be careful about saying anything about her ex-boyfriend. There may come a point when they get back together and she'll remember what you said.

Offer to get her things to cheer her up such as movies from the video store, magazines or even tissues and ice cream. She'll appreciate any effort you make.

Give her time and space. She may want to be alone instead of having you hover over her constantly.

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  • Be there for her and let her know you love her. That's the only thing you can really do until she starts to feel better.


  • Don't force her to tell you all the details. She'll resent you for it and you might learn things you didn't want to know.

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