How to Hide Your Phone Number From Call Waiting

There are many reasons why one would want to hide their phone number from call waiting or caller ID.Their phone calls might be getting screened, or they may not want the recipient to have their phone number in general. Either way, having the ability to hide your phone number from call waiting is a skill everyone should possess. Although some situations may not allow you to block your phone number, most situations will. This guide will show you how to hide your phone number from call waiting.

Press *67. This will block your phone number on call waiting and any other type of caller ID one might have. This can be used on a regular land line or a cell phone. On a land line, wait until you hear a dial tone. On a cell phone, simply enter in these characters before the regular phone number.

Wait for another dial tone and dial the phone number. This step is only done on land line phones. After you press *67, another dial tone will sound. It is then that you enter the actual phone number.

Make a phone call from a friend's house or an alternate phone. If you have a separate line for dial-up Internet, this is a good number to use for private calls. Typically *67 works, but some people won't even answer the phone if they see a private number call.

Call from a phone booth. If all of your friends have recognizable phone numbers and you still need to get a hold of someone screening their phone calls, use a pay phone. The phone number will show up on call waiting, but it won't be yours and it won't be from anyone you know.

Call your phone company for an unlisted phone number. If worst comes to worst, you can always obtain an unlisted phone number from your phone company. These numbers, however, often cost a bit of money to create.

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Things You Will Need

  • Cell phone
  • Home phone


  • Some phone numbers are set up to not accept private or unavailable phone numbers. They require you to enter your phone number before reaching a real person. In this case, enter an alternate number other than your own.


  • Don't forget that someone can still call your phone back even after you have pressed *67. They will not be given the phone number, but if they press *69, the phone company will direct them to the last call.
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