How to Hint to Be More Than Friends to a Girl

So, you have a crush on a girl and you really want to be her squeeze and not just her friend. You have been friends for awhile and you think she is adorable. She talks to you at parties and at school, but you want to know how to take things to the next level. Follow these steps to hint to be more than friends to a girl.

Give her subtle compliments. Find ways to let her know that you think she is attractive in a way that does not intimidate or alienate her. Everyone loves to be complimented, so find something simple and innocent to say to her. For instance, tell her that you really like her hair or the way she accessorizes.

Suggest some music or a video on YouTube. If you want to hint to her your interest, give her a link to a cool video on YouTube with romantic overtones or share an MP3 with her that is suggestive of love and connection.

Be attentive to her. Whenever you are together with other people, show her your undivided attention. Make lots of eye contact. Give her a soft and easy smile that shows her you are more than a little taken with her.

Invite her to a group outing with you and a small crew. This way you limit the amount of outsiders in the group and can create a situation that will allow you more one-on-one time. Find out what she likes. If she is into theater, pick a play you know she will love and ask her to go with you and a group.

Share your thoughts and feelings with her in an e-mail or text message. Once you have taken the aforementioned steps, put some game into the mix and tell her how much you enjoy her company and see if she wants to go solo with you on a date.

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