How to Hire a Dating Service

Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you a dating service. Online dating services like and eHarmony are fairly cheap and offer a wide array of choices, but the art of in-person matchmaking isn't dead, either. Figure out which option is best for you.

Determine how badly you want to date. You may laugh, but this is actually important. If you're into casual dating, you may prefer an online service. However, if you're really itching to find that special someone, dating consultants can hook you up with very little effort on your part, but it comes with a hefty fee.

Fit your personality to the type of dating service you'd like. Match, eHarmony and others work for nearly everyone. If you're particularly gregarious or do well in public situations, you can find singles groups in most areas that aren't nearly as vicious and competitive and the meat-market of bars and clubs. If you're an extremely busy person with work, without the time to update your online dating profile or attend singles gatherings, dating consultants can do most of the legwork for you.

Recognize the downsides or shortcomings of each service. Online dating does offer a window into someone's personality, but it is just that. You still suffer the chance of meeting someone with whom you're completely incompatible. Singles groups are what they claim to be: groups. And being in a group environment can inhibit some and might feel like a strange, uncomfortable cocktail party. Dating consultants go into extreme detail to find the perfect match, so complete mismatches are only a small risk. But the consultation fees can run well into the thousands, which limits this medium to busy executive types look for love.

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