Homemade Romantic Birthday Gifts

People often feel that the more money they spend on a gift, the more the gift receiver will appreciate it--and them. However, if you want to show that you actually put some thought and time into a gift for the day that's for your significant other and no one else, make a homemade romantic birthday gift that celebrates your love.

Gifts Featuring Personal Photos and Mementos

A birthday serves as a reminder of another year gone by, but you can make each day of the next year extra special with a love calendar. Use your printer, or buy a calendar and use your own images to cover the ones already in the calendar. For each month, use a picture of you and your partner together. Make notes on dates that have special meaning to the both of you, such as relationship anniversaries (for instance, the day you met or started dating).

You also can collect pictures, mementos and writings to make a birthday love book. Use a photo album/scrapbook or punch holes in card stock and attach to binder rings. If you have a way with words, put your love story to paper; if not, fill the binder with some eloquent poems penned by others.

The Personal Touch: Art, Cards and Letters

Even if you lack the technical skill of Picasso, you can express your love with a handmade art project or birthday card. Use crayons, markers and a pen or pencil; even if you draw a memory or a scene with stick figures, your partner should appreciate the sentiment and hold onto it for years, rather than throw it away, like many do with greeting cards that pile up through the years. If you have two left hands when it comes to drawing, use your computer.

As with a homemade card, your partner may appreciate a love letter that you actually write by hand, rather than type up on the computer (even if your handwriting leaves a lot to be desired).

Coupon Book

A relationship should operate on a give-and-take basis, but since it's your partner's birthday, make up a coupon book (which costs you nothing if you use your own computer, printer and binding tools such as staples) entitling her to rewards. The coupons could range from you doing the dishes for a solid week to giving your partner nightly back rubs for a week.

For the more passionate moments of your relationship, have a few coupons state that you will do whatever she likes during those intimate bedroom moments (within limitations and reason, naturally), so it's not just for her birthday that you're making an extra-special effort to please her.

Expressions of Love: Audio and Visual

Maybe you have a difficult time verbally expressing your feelings to your partner. If you want to tell him how much you love him, make a video doing just that. Use a camcorder, digital camera or webcam to record your birthday message, and leave it in the VCR or DVD player. If he has a Facebook or MySpace account, post it on his profile page, so everyone else wishing him a happy birthday can see what a loving and thoughtful partner he has. If you want to keep the message private, email the message to him.

If all else fails, make a mix "tape" (nowadays, a CD or iPod playlist) for your partner's birthday, containing songs that best express your feelings or tracks that have special meaning to the two of you. Should you possess impeccable vocal capabilities, record your voice over the music. Decorate the CD and adorn the CD case cover with a picture of the two of you.

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