Homemade Romantic Gifts for Women

Women love romance, so, not surprisingly, the perfect gifts for women come from the heart and show that you have really put time and effort into selecting them. Homemade gifts are especially romantic. It will make a big impact on the woman in your life when she realizes that you took the time to figure out what the perfect gift for her is and that you also took the time to make it.

Framed Gifts

Purchase a plain wooden picture frame at your local craft supply store and paint it her favorite color, then embellish it with trinkets such as buttons, jewels, sea shells or anything else you think she would like. If you choose to embellish the frame, use hot glue to secure the trinkets to it, as this will provide the strongest, quickest bond. The size of the frame you purchase should depend on what you are including inside it. Two great ideas are a poem that depicts your feelings for her, or your favorite picture of the two of you together. If she loves poetry but you are not a poet you can frame a classic love poem from Shakespeare, Keats or Byron.

Bake a Cake

If the woman in your life loves to eat sweets, then the perfect handmade gift for her is a heart-shaped cake. It's as easy as buying a heart-shaped cake pan at your local craft supply store, a box of her favorite cake mix, plain white frosting and some food coloring. Make sure you grease the cake pan well so it comes out of the pan without crumbling. Prepare and bake the cake according to the instructions, and after the cake cools, remove it carefully from the cake pan.
Set aside a small amount of white frosting and use the food coloring to change the rest of it her favorite color. Frost the cake and put decorative candles on top. Fill a small plastic sandwich bag with the white frosting you set aside and snip off one of the bottom corners. Make sure you push the frosting down so you can more easily write a message to her on the cake.

Gift Basket

Purchase a decorative wicker basket at a home interior store and fill it with small things you know she will love, such as candy, books, hair ties, candles and body lotion or wash. You can also include a handmade card that tells her exactly how you feel about her. Wrap it all in cellophane and tie the top off with a decorative ribbon.

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