How to Host a Romantic Evening at Home

It's not about the red roses or the chocolate. It's about a romantic experience with your heartthrob. You supply the atmosphere and watch it bring out the animal (or Teddy bear) in your partner.

Hang a lavender heart-shaped wreath from the front door knob with a note that reads, "knock 3 times if you're ready for fun."

Have a few naughty cocktails ready for your sweetie to dive into. Here are a few suggestions: a Dirty Martini, with Vermouth, gin, a splash of scotch and garnished with an edible flower; Rose champagne; and a **** Foot, a non-alcoholic drink with lemonade, honey and Perrier and garnished with fresh berries.

Set a romantic table with a Moroccan flair. Grab a jewel-colored table cloth or jeweled overlay, some multi-colored crystal and china, a fruit or flowered centerpiece and tons of candles.

Lovers are always looking for the secret ingredients that help cupid's arrow and give stamina. Serve your honey an aphrodisiac dinner and sparks are bound to fly. Here are a few menu ideas. For an appetizer, try Bruschetta with a puree of artichokes, and mix avocado, tomato, mozzarella and pine nuts for a salad. Grilled scallops with basil and lavender essence is a perfectly amorous entrée, especially served with steamed asparagus and herbed rice. And for dessert, nestle a ruby ring into fresh or sugar flowers that are placed on top of a miniature wedding cake. Or take a box of real or chocolate cigars and replace one of the cigar bands with a custom version that has a proposal written on it.

Trail a path of pewter love stones (each stone is etched with a mixture of evocative and playful words) and flower petals leading the way to a beautifully drawn bath. Set the scene with tons of candles, vases full of Dutch tulips, a bowl of grapes for feeding each other and a tub filled with flower petals, lavender, rosemary and rosebud bath tea.

Go beyond the rubber ducky and make your play in the tub sensual. Have some gourmet body paint close by, such as edible chocolate, strawberry or caramel. Or grab some body watercolors or pastel-colored watercolor soaps in paint tubes with a ceramic painter's palette and brush. And don't forget the aphrodisiac bath bombs, because the rose scent heightens sensuality and the jasmine entices seduction.

Play a romantic game of chance and pick up "get lucky dice" that have body parts and actions engraved on them. Take turns rolling the dice and acting out the various commands.

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Things You Will Need

  • Table, colorful crystal and china, jeweled table cloth and fruit or flowers for centerpiece
  • Cocktail ingredients and glasses
  • Heart-shaped lavender wreath and note card
  • Menu ingredients
  • Sensual toys and games, such as body paint and get lucky dice
  • Love stones, flowers, flower petals, bath oils and scents, candles and vases


  • When it comes to the cooking, don't prepare everything yourself. Pick a few dishes that you know you are good at, then order the rest from your sweety's favorite restaurant.

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