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Common interests can help flirting.Common interests can help flirting.

When you spot that special someone across the room and your heart starts to flutter, it might be hard to think of what to do next. In order to get your new crush to notice you're interested, you've got to engage in some flirty behavior. Flirting takes on many forms, but most commonly involves nonverbal cues. Even after mastering both verbal and nonverbal flirting, though, you'll have to boost your confidence levels in order to be a hot enough flirt that your feelings might be reciprocated.

The Eyes Have It

When trying to show interest in someone, eye contact can do more for that connection than a flirty laugh or a brush on the leg. Ideally, your look should convey a strong amount of interest without coming across as a full-on stare or glare. A look too intense can lead to you seeming a bit off. Keep your look soft and inviting to entice the other person to want to know more about you. Maintaining some eye contact helps the person know you're interested in them and not bored to tears. Some people even opt to throw in a playful wink or two. Don't overdo the winks, however, as it can come across as strangely as intense staring.

Speak Up

If giving longing gazes or an occasional wink isn't cutting it, ramp up your flirting by actually talking to the other party. Find something of interest to say and then strike up a conversation. If the person is reading a book that you've read, make a witty comment about the subject matter. For unfamiliar books, ask about the plot or comment on the cover. Find something about the person that can segue into flirty conversation. If you want to try a pickup line, make sure to use one that isn't too cheesy. However, if you're a silly person, a cheesy pickup line to get the other person laughing might do the trick.

Body Language

As you chat with potential new partners, pay attention to your body language and make sure you don't put them off. Lean in to the conversation to show that you're available and interested. Crossing your legs also shows a sign of flirting, particularly if you cross your legs in the direction of the other person. Touching the other person lightly on the arm or shoulder as you talk signals an attraction to the other person, as does a head tilt as the other person is speaking. Never underestimate the power of a nice smile. Smiles show interest and can be friendly or flirty. While you're focused on your mouth, try giving a small lick of your lips as an inviting gesture.

Confidence is Key

One of the hottest things you can do while flirting is show confidence with yourself and your ability. While smiling and laughing help convey interest, the gestures feel hollow without the confidence to back them up. Even if you're less than sure of yourself, swallowing that just long enough to flirt can help boost your flirting appeal. Maintain good posture and stick your chest out a bit, rather than shrinking down in a slump as you speak. Talk about things you know you're good at to ease nerves. Avoid being overly confident, however, as it reads as arrogance, which can be a turnoff.

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