How to Get a Muslim Girl Interested in You

How to Get a Muslim Girl Interested in You. It is unacceptable for a Muslim woman to marry outside of the Muslim faith. If you are trying to gain the interest of a Muslim woman and you are a different faith, you may find it very difficult to win her attention. But there are some ways to win her heart, if not her parents'.

Know the basic Muslim beliefs. This will help you to understand her actions and motivations and give you insight into things she will find interesting.

Respect her beliefs. Muslims abstain from drinking, dressing provocatively, dancing and eating certain foods. Make sure that respect these beliefs. Asking a Muslim woman to a night club, dance or pig roast would be disrespectful to her faith.

Honor her parents. A Muslim woman usually has to have her parents' permission to date or marry a man. The Muslim faith places a big emphasis on the woman's family to help her make decisions.

Focus on things that you have in common with her. These things can help you to form a friendship that can lead to a more serious relationship in the future.

Show her that you are ready for a serious relationship. Treat her with respect any time that you are with her.

Understand that she may be submissive to you. Muslim women learn that men are superior. She may just go along with what you say and do. Make sure that she is truly having a good time with you.

Be confident. Women love men who are confident. Just being yourself will give you confidence.

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