Idea for a Romantic Homemade Valentine Gift

Romantic homemade Valentine's Day gifts are fun to give and receive.Romantic homemade Valentine's Day gifts are fun to give and receive.

Planning a romantic, homemade Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart or spouse is exciting. Consider putting together a basket of items designed to stimulate each of the five senses and you have a gift for both of you to enjoy together.


Start the basket with scented candles, which will create beautiful, sweet-smelling candlelight. Nothing sets a romantic mood like candlelight.


Create a mixed play-list of mp3s for romantic background music. If you do not have an mp3 player, make a mixed CD-Rom. Choose songs that evoke romantic memories for you both.


To stimulate the taste buds, be sure to include some decadent treats to share. Whether your tastes lean toward champagne and caviar or strawberries and chocolate, there is a romantic food item for everyone.


For a gorgeous treat for the eyes, slip in some pretty lingerie and/or silk pajama bottoms. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view.


For the ultimate romantic treat, add some massage oils and body lotions, and treat your Valentine to a full body massage.

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