Ideas for a Dating Profile Description

Put some thought into your profile to attract some interest.Put some thought into your profile to attract some interest.

Your online dating profile needs to stand out from the rest. You are competing with literally thousands of other potential dates on most online dating sites, so you need something special to get yourself noticed. A punchy header and a clear, close-up photograph, taken recently, is necessary for your full profile to get much attention. Unimaginative or cliché-riddled profiles are quickly passed over. Originality is the key.


Avoid overused headers. Many people write things like, "Looking for Love" or "Man seeks Woman." This doesn't tell the reader anything about you. Country Couples website suggests, "Well-preserved, but not yet pickled," as a realistic, funny, header for an older person, "Bubbly blond with Ph.D. potential," as a header that shows you don't take yourself too seriously, and "Cat Lover Seeks Purrrfect Lap to curl up on," for someone with a more sentimental personality. Also, you can use your header to filter the replies you get. Specify what you want. For example, "Forty-something, exercise-mad New York male seeks similar female for love and a shared active lifestyle," The replies you get might at least be ones you want.

The Basics

Present the truth in the most positive light. As Online Dating Magazine explains, you should avoid negativity. Don't say that you are Internet dating as a last resort, making yourself sound desperate, but say that you've heard it's a great way to meet interesting people. Also, avoid saying you are unemployed on the profile. Rather than saying so directly, describe yourself as between jobs. You can explain what your usual job is and explain that you are looking to change careers or move into a different field than your current one. That way, you have been honest while sounding positive about the future, which is what is important to your potential date.

Hobbies and Interests

This section of dating profiles often tend to be boring and unimaginative. Almost everyone enjoys staying in with a DVD and a bottle of wine occasionally. So don't use it as an example of a hobby as so many do. You may appear to have no interests of your own. Emphasize anything you enjoy or have enjoyed. Perhaps you used to go ice skating with your last partner but don't go on your own. Write it down; maybe you'll soon have a new skating partner. Listing the type of books you read, films you watch and the music you love gives the reader a good idea of what you are like. List sports you like, entertainment you enjoy and more informal things, such as taking your dog for a walk -- animal lovers will take note.

Who You Want to Meet

Most online profile templates have a section for you to say what kind of a person you seek. There also is usually a box-ticking questionnaire that asks about hair color, religion and height. Be specific. There's no point in pretending to like tall women when you know you won't be attracted to them. It's a waste of both of your time. If you only ever fancy dark-haired men, say so. This is the advantage of online dating -- you cut out the unlikely matches without having to meet them.

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