Ideas for Fun and Romantic Dates

Try these fun and romantic date ideas on your beau.Try these fun and romantic date ideas on your beau.

Dating is stressful in and of itself. Relieve some of the pressure by using these ideas to get to know your date better. A few fun ideas progress into two romantic date ideas to keep your dates lighthearted and casual in the beginning and as you get to know your date better, can move into something more intimate to see if you might be a match for a long-term relationship.

Go Gaming

Select a restaurant with arcade and skill games, such as basketball or guitar hero, where you and your date can have fun playing games together and enjoy kind-hearted competition against one another. Even if you're older, there's still something fun about winning enough points or tickets to purchase a stuffed animal for your sweetie. If a local, county or state fair is running, take your date to the fair and enjoy fun foods, such as funnel cakes, hot dogs on a stick and carnival rides together.

Go Skating

This date idea is mostly fun with a hint of romance mixed in. It's especially good if you are not extremely skilled at ice or roller skating. Use the activity as an opportunity to do lots of hand-holding and see how that simple, yet close, physical touch makes you feel toward your date. Pick a roller rink or ice skating rink to go to as a couple. Work up an appetite skating to fun music. Afterward, have dinner at a fun '50s style diner or other restaurant where the mood is loud and lively, featuring fun, upbeat music paired with inexpensive, casual meal options.

Go Sunbathing

Instead of the traditional dinner and a movie idea, get outside in a relaxing, romantic natural setting. If you live near an ocean or lake, a day at the beach is a good transition date that combines fun and romance. The day before your date, pick up a few pretty shells or interesting rocks and put them inside of a small hurricane glass. Plan to arrive in the midafternoon to enjoy some sunbathing and swimming. As the afternoon wanes on into the evening, stroll down the beach together to a less crowded area and spread out a picnic dinner together. Enjoy light sandwiches, fruit, wine and cheese. Think of questions you can discuss beforehand that lead you into more intimate conversation. Watch the sunset together and as the light of day fades, take out the hurricane glass that you made earlier. Pour the rocks out, and in front of your date, pour some sand from the beach into the glass. Place the rocks on it and light a tea light inside of the hurricane glass. Say something romantic and meaningful to your date, such as "we go good together" or "you really brightened up my day, thanks."

Go Dancing

Rather than going to a loud nightclub where many other people and loud music compete for your attention, schedule a private dance lesson or a small group dance lesson for a date. Learn how to fox trot, tango or some other type of ballroom dance and enjoy getting up close and personal with each other. Afterward, head to a quiet, romantic restaurant for dinner where you can talk about your experience and enjoy pleasant conversation with one another. As a romantic touch, arrange for flowers to be placed on your table with a special note from you to your date attached to them.

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