Ideas for Group Dating

Bowling is a popular activity for a group date.Bowling is a popular activity for a group date.

Group dating is a fun way to get to know a potential boyfriend or girlfriend in a group setting. Many teenagers and young adults practice group dating to ease the pressures of first dates and meeting new people. No matter the reason you're going on a group date, there are several activities that you and your friends will enjoy doing together.


Bowling is a popular group date activity because it is a fun, cheap activity that nearly anyone can do. Even if you're not good at the sport, you can still have fun trying. The one-at-a-time routine of bowling makes it an ideal opportunity to chat with other players between turns and get to know each other better as you bowl together.

Going to a Concert

Concerts are a good destination for group dates because they provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Choosing which concert to go to as a group can also provide an opportunity to get to know everyone in your group better by discussing favorite bands and musicians, which can lead to a discovery of a shared favorite musician or genre within the group.

Miniature Golf

A classic among both single and group dates, miniature golf is more relaxed and less complicated than regular golf. It's OK to be a bad golfer on the miniature golf course and everyone has fun trying out the interesting obstacles set up around the course.


If your group wants to give back while having fun, volunteering together is the way to go. Volunteering for a few hours at a food bank or soup kitchen can bring your group together in an act of kindness. Working a day for Habitat for Humanity can provide a challenging and rewarding volunteering experience that your group will remember long after your group date.

At-Home Movie Night

Having a movie night at the home of a group member is a fun way to bond over snacks and movies. You can either rent movies or pick from someone's collection at home. Movie nights are more entertaining when there is a theme, such as scary movies, old movies or comedies. Working together to make snacks before the movie gives everyone a chance to socialize before popping the movies in to watch.

Group Hiking

Taking your group for a day hike is an activity that gives everyone plenty of time to chat with each other as you hike and have an adventure at the same time. Hiking is good exercise and the perfect activity for a group of active people. Throwing in a picnic in the middle of your hike to rest and refuel can also be fun.

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