Ideas for Romantic Dinner Atmosphere

Ideas for Romantic Dinner AtmosphereIdeas for Romantic Dinner Atmosphere

Spicing up a relationship could be as simple as sharing dinner. No matter what you serve, use your creativity to build a romantic dinner atmosphere. It's not the food alone that makes a dinner for two sexy. It's a combination of scents, sights and ambiance that make a dinner romantic.


Soft or dim lighting can create a romantic atmosphere. Use unscented candles to make your dinner special. You'll have sensual lighting without the candle perfume.

Table Choice

Small, round, well-dressed tables have intimate appeal. Cover your table with a crisp white tablecloth.


Set the stage for amour by playing some background music. Instrumental or classical tunes work wonderfully. But keep the volume low.


Turn off the television, the computer and all cell phones. Shutting down your electronics during your dinner will boost the romance level.

Food Servings

Eat small courses in order -- such as bread, then salad, then entree, then dessert. Do not serve food with garlic or onion unless both of you will be eating them. Share a sexy chocolate dessert.

Dress Up

Dressing up for dinner will make your romantic dinner even more special. Looking nice for your partner will charge the atmosphere.

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