What are Some Ideas for a Romantic Evening?

Attend a jazz concert for evening romance.Attend a jazz concert for evening romance.

Romantic evenings with your mate can provide time to enhance your relationship. Some romantic evenings can require pre-planning, while others can be spontaneous. A spontaneous evening can add more romance. Aim for a romantic activity that you do not get to do often. Listen to your partner's hints about romantic evening ideas.

Blindfolded Food Tasting Contest

As a romantic evening idea, plan a blindfolded food tasting contest. Each person can cook three or four dishes. Make sure the dishes are not too obvious, such as onion rings. Take turns guessing the main ingredients. After the food tasting contest, the winner gets a choice of another romantic activity. Romantic activities can range from poetry readings to night walks on the beach.

Jazz Club

Jazz clubs can offer a romantic evening. You get to bond and listen to music. Go early for a seat close to the stage. This allows you to concentrate on the jazz performers. Depending on your budget, order your mate's favorite drinks. Ask the band to play your partner's favorite song.

Fall Evening Cookout

When you think of cookouts, you may think of summer only. Surprise your mate with a fall evening cookout. Cook barbecue chicken, grilled potatoes and grilled vegetables, such as corn. If you live in a region where the temperature drops, aim for a short cookout session and use blankets. Make the evening more romantic by singing your mate a love song.

Late Movie Showing

The movies can offer you a romantic evening. Choose a later showing. You can experience less crowds and get a chance to enjoy the entertainment. Aim for romantic movies. Action and horror movies can take away from a romantic evening. Purchase chocolate for a snack. Make the evening cozier by sitting in the back of the theater.

Late Ice Cream Shop Visit

Dessert can act as a romantic gesture. Take your mate to an ice cream shop before closing. Ice cream can satisfy a sweet craving after a full dinner. Do not give the destination to your partner. Make sure you drive the long way. For more romance, order ice cream dishes you can feed each other, such as sundaes.

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