Ideas for Romantic Non-Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Multi-tiered candle centerpieces add warmth and light to tables.Multi-tiered candle centerpieces add warmth and light to tables.

Floral centerpieces can take up a considerable portion of your wedding budget, and even if you make floral centerpieces yourself, there's no guarantee that the flowers you want will be in season. Non-floral centerpieces are a suitable option for couples who want to offer a romantic ambience at the tables without spending a fortune on flowers. To keep the look of the tables romantic, think about what types of non-floral, romantic elements to incorporate.

Cluster of Candles

A romantic idea for table centerpieces is to create a cluster of candles, using a variety of taper candles, pillars and tea lights. Place the candles in the center of the tables, designed in random order according to size. Beneath the candles you can place a flat mirror. Putting a mirror underneath candles gives the table more of a glow because the flames will reflect in the mirror. You can also create a cluster of floating candles. Fill large, shallow bowls with water and let tea light candles float inside of floating candle holders.

Picture Frames

For a vintage, romantic tone, use picture frames as your table centerpieces. The picture frames can display pictures of the bride and groom, or they can frame other peoples' wedding photos and be placed at the corresponding tables. For instance, if the parents and grandparents of the bride are seated at one table, frame their original wedding photos and put those frames on their table. You can use one large picture frame, or create a tier effect with large-, medium- and small-sized picture frames. Scatter tea light candles around the frames to illuminate the pictures.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Centerpieces don't have to just be pretty to look at. Rather, you can create romantic and edible centerpieces that guests get to snack on at the end of the night. For a chocolate-covered-strawberry centerpiece, prepare a multi-tiered cake plate or cake stand. On each tier, line the rim with chocolate-covered strawberries. One idea is to make one tier filled with dark chocolate-covered strawberries, with the next tier up filled with white chocolate-covered strawberries. Altering the colors adds diversity to each tier. And you don't have to stick to just strawberries, although chocolate-covered strawberries are affiliated with romance. Chocolate-covered cherries and marshmallows can be effective, too.

Environmental Materials

You can create romantic non-floral centerpieces by using the materials of your wedding environment. For instance, if you are having your wedding in the woods or country, you can create a centerpiece by placing long tree branches or dried grass into tall glass vases. For a wedding by the ocean, place large conch shells in the center of the table, and drape white tulle around them for an elegant look that resembles the movement of water.

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