Ideas for Romantic Oriental Bedroom Decorations

You can find silk orchids online or in craft stores.You can find silk orchids online or in craft stores.

Create a romantic Asian-style bedroom with floral accents, decorative Japanese fabrics and other decor pieces that highlight Oriental culture. Use Oriental paint colors and get inspiration from books about ancient Asian culture. Many of the fabrics used by Chinese women have a naturally soft, romantic feel already, so use fabrics that mimic Asian textures and styles. Incorporate other items in the room that remind you of romantic aspects of Asia.


The right lighting creates drama and adds a romantic appeal to your Asian bedroom. Drape colorful tropical flower string lights across the room and hang up round paper Asian lantern-style lights. Close the drapes and turn off other lights in the room, so only the tropical string lights and lantern globes glow. These lights add a romantic ambiance to the room when you want alone time with your partner.


Choose paint colors inspired by garments, colors and Asian culture. In the past, Chinese women were draped in long traditional pien-fu dresses or robes showcasing rich shades of plum, red, gold, burgundy and blue. Paint one accent wall in the room that reminds you of Asian culture. Place your bed and main decor pieces up against the accent wall and then decorate with similar colors around the wall and throughout the room.

Flowers and Decor

Asian women love to enhance their beauty by placing orchids, cherry blossoms and other tropical blooms in their hair. Flowers also have a romantic effect, so use the flowers prized by Asian women to dress up your romantic space. Find Asian-style pottery or vases, fill them with silk white, pink and red orchids and place them on the dresser, nightstand or other area of the room. Look for a miniature cherry blossom tree and place it somewhere in the room. Hang up pictures of Asian flowers on the wall. Find Oriental jewelry boxes, art, wall scrolls antiques and other pieces that create a romantic effect. Hang up a few silk flowers around the four posts of your bed to make it look more inviting.

Bedding and Pillows

Buy Oriental bedding that closely resembles some of the shiny silk and satin garments Asian women have worn throughout history. Look for curtains that match the bedding or look very similar. Asian comforters should showcase designs of intricate floral detail, dragons or other shapes. The bedding should display rich shades of red, plum and deep purple. Find silk pillowcases and sheets to match your bedding. Adorn the rest of the bed with plush velvet or silk pillows.

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