Ideas for Romantic Playing Cards

If you draw the Queen of Hearts, you deserve a kiss.If you draw the Queen of Hearts, you deserve a kiss.

Plan a night in with your loved one that he will not soon forget. Dim the lights and enjoy a tailor-made game night. Choose from your favorite card games and re-vamp them to include romantic ideas or create simple games from scratch. Avoid getting heavily competitive by keeping the mood light and playful. Remember the main thing is to have fun and enjoy each other's company.

Romantic Deck

Have a traditional deck of cards made for you and your love. Custom decks can be created using photos you can insert in a pre-designed template for easy creation. Or, you can choose stock images with romantic themes. Pick something meaningful to both of you. Play lengthy interactive games like Cribbage or Gin Rummy to spend the night together. Photographs, colored card stock or other items can be used to customize your deck. Make a night out of creating the deck. On your next game night, you can figure out a game to play with your new deck.

Old Games

Games like Crazy Eights, Memory and Go Fish (for kisses perhaps?) are all games you can spice up with new rules to play with your loved one. If you fail to make a match in Memory you could recount something you have never told your sweetheart. Even Poker can be infiltrated with new rules, for example, if you draw a hand full of hearts you have to recount four things you love about your mate. Play the game like a tournament and create a prize, such as a week of massages, foot rubs or something else romantic. You could also say whoever gets beat by a straight or a flush has to clean the house in her underwear.

New Games

Grab the nearest deck of cards and create a game to play with your loved one. Attribute meanings and definitions to certain cards in the deck (especially the hearts); write down a legend to decipher and refer back to along the way. Make it simple enough to remember so you can focus on having fun instead of getting tangled up in complicated rules. Try trading cards and set up penalties for drawing certain cards (think Truth or Dare) and rewards for other cards (think kisses or no washing dishes for the week).

Board Games

Pull out your favorite board games and replace the cards with love and romance inspired suggestions. Games like Cranium and Monopoly can be easily transformed with romance in mind. Have fun with it by adding kiss, tickle and cuddle suggestions to warm things up. Keep a box of chocolates on hand to use as tokens or trading pieces instead of houses for Monopoly.

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