Ideas and Tips for a Romantic Date

Romance can exist in a variety of ways.Romance can exist in a variety of ways.

Sometimes it can be difficult to plan ahead on romance, as romance is often all about inspiration and spontaneity. However, if you are looking to organize a romantic and meaningful day or night together with the person that you care about, whether you are in the beginning flushes of dating or have been married for 10 years, many ideas and tips can make the process easier and more satisfying.

Beach Walks

A long walk together on the beach is a classic and timeless image of romance. This is the ideal date idea for times of warmer weather, and is inexpensive, intimate, and gives both of you plenty of time to have a heart-to-heart. If you have more time and can come earlier in the day, consider bringing a blanket along and having a romantic picnic together. Use this as a time to reminisce about your childhoods and to talk about your future aspirations and dreams.


Stargazing is a romantic and affordable date idea. Drive to your nearest local public observatory or to a nearby lookout point on a mountain. Do this approximately one hour after sunset for optimal night sky views. If the weather is on the warm side, consider sitting outside with a blanket and and snacking on some crackers, cheese, chocolate and strawberries together.


A classic date of snuggling and cuddling together can be one of the coziest and most relaxing experiences for a couple. This is ideal for a cold or rainy winter day where the most appealing thing on the planet seems to be staying warm indoors. Cuddle up on the couch in front of the television with a new DVD, or in front of the fireplace with a novel, and take turns reading aloud to each other. Prepare and share some hot cocoa or apple cider for good measure.


For a more lighthearted and easygoing approach to romance, consider getting your laughs together watching some stand-up comedy at your nearest comedy club. After all, humor is a large basis of romance and there is no better way to bond than by laughing at (or rolling your eyes together) how funny or absolutely not funny some comics are.


Engaging in a sweat-inducing sports session is simultaneously romantic and invigorating. It also shows both of your competitive sides and can be a very flirtatious event (which also can help you both burn some calories, especially after a heavy dinner). Some ideas for romantic and athletic dates include tennis, volleyball and basketball, all of which can be played with just two individuals.

Horseback Riding

Another romantic date idea that is not very typical is horseback riding at a nearby stable. Not only is horseback riding a fun recreational activity, it also gives you a lot of time along together to reflect about life and laugh together amidst the picturesque scenery. This romantic date idea is ideal for long and lazy weekends, especially afternoons.

Live Music

Intimate and relaxed live music can make for the perfect romantic date. For a laid-back feel, opt for a jazz club as opposed to a rock concert. Jazz is sensual and has a relaxing vibe. Enjoy the soft and lilting sounds of jazz music as your eyes lock in front of the candlelight.

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