How to Impress a Girl on a First Date

Impress a Girl on a First DateImpress a Girl on a First Date

The first impression is the most important one and can make or break a potential new relationship. If you want to impress a girl on the first date, be yourself, and be considerate. Girls love to know that you thought of them enough to do something just a little special for them.

Pick your date up at her house and go to the door to get her. A woman likes to know that chivalry is not dead and that a man will not beep the horn for her to come out on a first date (yes, it happens). Arrive 5 minutes early or at least on time. This makes a good impression on your date.

Bring your date a little gift such as flowers. You don't have to spend a lot; a few flowers will be fine. You can purchase a handful of flowers at Wal-Mart or any grocery story. A nicer gesture, if possible, is to pick her flowers yourself. Your date will really appreciate the thought and it will make her think your a nice guy to have taken the time to do something sweet for her.

Take her out on a fun date. Traditional first dates usually begin with dinner at a nice restaurant and maybe a movie. You can do this if you like. But, a man who can think of something different and fun will really impress his date. Take her on a picnic that you have packed, go to the amusement park, or take her hiking to a rock park. Try to think of something more interesting that just dinner. Your date will love that you have creative ideas and came up with something different than just the traditional first date.

Impress her on your first date by asking questions about her. Show her that your interested in her by asking what she does for a living, who her family is, and what her hobbies are. This will help you keep the conversation going and eliminate any awkward silences. Tell her about yourself also, but don't go overboard. A girl doesn't want to hear only about you. Your date wants to know that your curious about her life as well.

After your first date is finished and all has gone well, walk her to her door. Tell her you had a great time and ask if you can take her out again. Kiss her sweetly on the cheek. Most girls want to know that you respect them and aren't going to rush in for a first kiss right away. Wait until she gets into her house before walking back to your car and you will have made her realize that you worry about her being safe. She'll be very impressed by your concern.

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Things You Will Need

  • Flowers, candy, or something a little sweet
  • A date planned
  • A car
  • Her address


  • Be a gentleman and you'll impress your date with sweetness...ex: open the doors for her, including her car door.
  • Ask friends advice on where to take your date if you can't think of any places...female friends are extremely helpful with this.
  • Plan your date for a fairly early time in case she has to work the next morning or has to get up early...6 or 7pm is usually a good time, unless your planning a day date in which case 1 or 2pm would be good.


  • Try not to act like a "guy" as you would with your guy friends...women are not impressed by this...remember, she's female.
  • Don't talk to your date about any ex-relationships you may have wouldn't be impressed if she did this to you.
  • Tell her about your family, work, and hobbies, but try not to bring up any baggage in your life if you have any.

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