How to Impress a Girl If You Are Shy

Getting close to a girl can be the most difficult step in securing a relationship.Getting close to a girl can be the most difficult step in securing a relationship.

It is often difficult to gain a girl's attention if you are shy, especially when in direct competition with other more boisterous males. However, being shy doesn't have to be a liability. Embracing shyness can serve as a huge asset in any male's attempts to impress a girl.

Be yourself, even if you feel being quiet and shy will not attract the girl you desire. If a girl is not attracted to you as you are, a relationship is not sustainable. Being yourself will attract girls that are drawn to your personality, which will give you the time that many shy people need to come out of their shell.

Go out of your way to embrace your shyness. If you are picked on for being quiet or having "no game," it is to your benefit to laugh along. Doing so will ensure that you are viewed as simply quiet or shy and not creepy or weird. Many girls will actually let their guard down more with a shy guy, feeling that the situation is not threatening.

Step out of your comfort zone. While it is OK to be shy and an asset to embrace this part of your personality, the ultimate tool for most shy males in impressing a girl is the ability to have a good one-on-one conversation. While in competition with outspoken males, most shy guys will give up quickly. When an opportunity arises to connect with a girl, action must be taken. Shyness is often overlooked if a girl has a chance to see what goes on in your head.

Do what you do well. When initially attracting a girl, actions speak louder than words. Excelling at a sport, music or another hobby will draw intrigue while providing another window for a girl to see who you are. Continue prioritizing activities that you love, and girls will be impressed with your passion. The intrigue that you are busy doing something while other guys are stuck hanging on a girl for attention may draw some allure.

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  • Remember that even following these steps does not ensure compatibility with a girl once she is interested. Only time spent together can ensure this.
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