How to Increase Your Chances with LDS Dating

Some people prefer to date people with the same religious beliefs. Doing so reduces the possibility of conflicts stemming from different philosophies and increases compatibility on a few basic levels. One such group are the Latter Day Saints (LDS), also known as Mormons. The Church of Latter Day Saints has millions of members worldwide, but outside of its cultural capital in Utah many members find it difficult to meet single people of the same faith. To help solve this problem, a number of online dating services catering specifically to LDS dating have appeared.

Step 1

Join one or more online dating services created specifically for LDS singles. Follow the onscreen instructions to create your free account.

Step 2

Use the online tools to upload attractive pictures of yourself. Profiles with pictures receive more attention and singles with attractive photos are more likely to receive messages and responses to the messages they send.

Step 3

Fill out your online profile with unique and specific information to draw more attention to your profile. Specify exactly what type of person you are looking for. Use specific statements about your favorite food, movie or pastime and avoid generalities or cliches. Use humor to set yourself apart as original if that is one of your strong suits. Avoid being negative in any way, but specify the exact qualities and attributes you are looking for in an ideal partner. This will discourage unwanted advances and encourage people who fit the description to approach you.

Step 4

Avoid providing false information, no matter how innocent. Online dating is similar to regular dating; you must build trust and rapport with every contact. That means avoid using white lies in your profile or messages that will diminish your trust factor if the relationship moves beyond the computer screen. Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints must always respect their potential partners by being open and honest with them no matter what the circumstances.

Step 5

Make an unforgettable impression on the first date. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet your potential partner in person. This is especially important if the LDS dating options are limited in your area. Use the information about the person's likes and dislikes from their profile and your online conversations to create an original first date.

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