Inexpensive Romantic Vacation Ideas

Romantic vacations strengthen bonds, reinforce the friendship side of love and explore passions that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They can also be pricey and expensive, a fact that prevents many couples from taking one. Money doesn't have to be the determining factor when it comes to romantic vacations. With a little creativity, you can plan a getaway for you and your partner that energizes and celebrates your bond without emptying your wallet.

House Swap

If you have a friend who lives in another state, or even just another town, a house swap give you a free change of scenery. You agree to exchange keys for a set period of time and enjoy a romantic getaway in a new place without paying for lodging. Use your friend's kitchen to create a candlelight dinner or enjoy the scenery of the new locale together.

Bed and Breakfast in Your Own Town

Bed and breakfasts can be expensive, especially when you factor in travel expenses. You can eliminate those expenses by staying in a bed and breakfast in your own town. Check for off-season or weekday rates to maximize your savings. This is an especially great idea if you plan to spend most of the time alone together, so external scenery doesn't matter.

Chose Small Towns

Small towns without a huge tourist appeal are almost always much less expensive to travel to. Try a small town just a few towns away from your own to cut down on travel costs. Make the trip special by adding roses or massages to otherwise lackluster hotel rooms or boardinghouses.

State Parks

State parks offer cabins and cottages, usually for a steal. If you reserve them for non-peak days, like weekdays and early or late summer, you can usually get a discounted rate. The scenery and nature sounds will offer a romantic backdrop to your vacation.

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