In-Home Dating Ideas

Enjoy a date at your house.Enjoy a date at your house.

Perhaps you consider a date to be a trip to the movies or dinner at a fancy restaurant, but you can enjoy a low-cost, romantic date at home with your sweetheart. Careful planning and a little creativity will give you a fantastic date that you'll both remember for years to come.

Learn to Dance

Dance together at home.

Rent a dance DVD and spend a few hours dancing together. Choose a new style of dance you aren't familiar with, such as belly-dancing, ballet, hip hop, ballroom or tango. Wear comfortable but attractive clothes and enjoy the company of your date while you dance together.

"Go" to the Beach

Enjoy a day at the beach even in the dead of winter. Spread beach towels on your living room floor, dress up in bathing suits and pop on your sunglasses. Listen to an ocean sounds CD or watch a movie that features a beach. For an added touch, fill a miniature kiddie pool with water and dip your toes in.

Play Games

Play a game with your date.

Settle in for a relaxing afternoon of games. Pick old favorites or new games you haven't yet experienced. Sit at your kitchen table with snacks handy to try out a new card game or lounge around on a blanket on the floor with board games. Try video or computer games, too.

Eat in the Dark

Make a tasty supper that is easy to eat without utensils. Set the table and settle down with your sweetie for dinner, but turn out the lights first. In addition to focusing on conversation rather than physical appearances, keeping the lights low will also tantalize your taste buds by forcing you to focus intently on the taste of your food.

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