Interesting Games for Couples

There are quite a few interesting games for couples to play.There are quite a few interesting games for couples to play.

There are quite a few unique and interesting games for couples to play that involve trust, a fun imagination and a little one-on-one time to spice up the love life. Taking time to play a few couples games is a good way to re-ignite a little passion in the bedroom.

Twister for Lovers

Twister is not just a fun game for singles; apparently those already in a relationship can have just as much fun with this classic game, which uses a spinner and plastic mat covered in colored circles. In regular Twister, a non-partial party is supposed to spin the spinner, however, when two people play, each player must spin alternately. There is really no real point or proven benefit of playing Twister to help a relationship, but any game that encourages laughter and falling comfortably on each other is surely an interesting game for couples to play.


This board game is a great way to learn things about your partner that, no matter how long you have been together, you may not have ever known. The object of the game is to bring people closer by storytelling that has been encouraged through cards with questions for each player to answer. Roll the dice to move along the game path, choosing cards from one of three card deck categories: memories, etchings and valuables. This is a great way to learn random bits of each others family or personal history.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

This romantic game is great for couples celebrating an anniversary or for those who want to perform a romantic gesture. Hide a few clues for your partner that are not too hard to find. At every clue, place a gift and another clue that will lead up to a main gift. The gift recipient can make the game as long or short as he wants, hiding things like a box of chocolates, candies, a pair of earrings or cufflinks, flowers and so on.

Truth or Dare

For many couples, a game of truth or dare is a good way to bring the flirtation back into a relationship. Playing a game of good old-fashioned truth or dare can be a a lot of fun for a couple, especially when you know each other well. Playing Truth or Dare allows couples to ask questions about issues that they may have nagging them, while playing the dare part allows a couple to test the others abilities.

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