Internet Dating Pros and Cons

In today's time of increasingly busy schedules and more hectic lifestyles, it has become more challenging to actively date when you are single. Initially, internet dating was thought of as something only really lonely people would do, but it has become a lot more acceptable to try it out.


Internet dating can happen in a few different ways. The most well known is by going on a website designed specifically for Internet dating, but you can also do it on social networking websites like Facebook and Mypace.


Internet dating can be very helpful for those busy individuals who don't have time to go out and meet people at different social events or other social settings. Many people also begin Internet dating because it's an easy way to see exactly where someone is coming from right up front.


Internet dating is often believed to be done only by really lonely, unattractive people who can't meet people due to some type of personal defect. In fact, many people that participate in Internet dating are regular people who are exploring other dating options.

Famous Ties

There have been reports about celebrities using Internet dating websites to meet people. It has been reported that Joan Rivers and River Cuomo, front man of the band Weezer have both dabbled in the Internet dating landscape.


Internet dating can be a fun way to expand your current dating pool, however there can be potential issues with honesty and safety. When you decide to jump into the Internet dating world, you should always safeguard yourself. Safety is just as important in Internet dating as it is for real world dating.


Internet dating isn't for everyone, but it is a viable way to expand the dating landscape if you're single and looking.

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