How to Interpret Romantic Body Language

Note her smile when you're together--it speaks volumes in attraction.Note her smile when you're together--it speaks volumes in attraction.

Romantic body language can be difficult to interpret. How, for instance, can you distinguish the body language of a person who is just being friendly versus someone who wants to get to know you better in a romantic sense? The signs of what to look for are easy to spot, but they take practice to interpret. With practice, however, you CAN know whether it is safe to approach that special man or woman, or whether you should stay away, or even run!

Watch to see if--and how--he smiles at you. If he smiles at you, take it as a good sign. It's an even better sign if she gives you a hundred-watt smile--a full set of teeth, and maybe gums, showing. This is more than a casual smile. It signals interest in you.

Note any "eye behaviors" as someone smiles at you. Eye behaviors are easy to identify. If she casts a lingering look at you--a glance that lasts more than a few seconds--she is sending you a romantic invitation. He is saying the same thing if he looks at you, looks away, then looks back at you. If she boldly stares at you, however, she may be telling you to "back off." Proceed with caution.

Observe whether he touches you when you are physically close to each other. This should never be a touch on a sexual body part; that's much too bold. Instead, watch for her to lightly brush your arm as she reaches for her drink. If you're sitting beside each other, and she turns toward you, watch for her knees to lightly graze yours. Maybe she'll ask you what time it is while touching your wristwatch. Maybe she'll pull a stray hair off of your sweater. Subtle touches like these are sure signs that someone is romantically interested in you.

Notice if he mimics your body movements and gestures. If you're both sitting, lean forward in your chair toward him. He will lean forward toward you if he is romantically interested. Touch your face as you're talking to him. If he is romantically interested in you, he should touch your face a few seconds later. Mirroring your movements and gestures, especially when combined with the other steps, are sure signs of romantic interest.

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  • Learning how to interpret romantic body language takes time, don't expect to get it right every time.

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