Issues in Dating

Always exercise caution when dating someone you don't know well.Always exercise caution when dating someone you don't know well.

As you date to meet new people and find a potential partner to share your life with, you might find yourself confused and overwhelmed. The rules of dating have become more modern as society is constantly changing to adjust to new lifestyles and habits. With this change, however, comes the increased necessity to keep yourself safe while you are dating. Before you agree to an evening out with someone, consider some of the issues that come with dating.

Protect Yourself

Prepare to protect yourself from health complications as you begin dating an individual. Take precautions, especially if you plan to engage in sexual intercourse with that person. While some suitors are honest about the number of partners they've had previously, others do not provide the same courtesy. Having unprotected sex might put you at risk for an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Before you have sexual intercourse, talk with your partner and get appropriate tests done to ensure you won't put each other at risk. Remember to always use birth control and condoms and that abstinence is the only sure way to protect yourself against a sexually transmitted disease.

Consider the Baggage

Sit down with your partner and have an open, honest conversation about your past. It might be difficult at first. You might not want to hear about painful, past relationships, but it is important to get to know your partner inside and out. You are dating each other along with the emotional baggage you each carry. Discuss other important topics, such as children you have from previous relationships, professional hardships or family issues, and try not to leave any information out. Doing this before you begin dating will lessen the chance of an unexpected surprise down the road.

Avoid Games

In a perfect world, potential dates would tell their partners anything and everything about their lives. However, some suitors insist on playing games when it comes to dating. For example, you might be asked on a date by someone who claims to like you, only to realize later that the person never intended to call. Another unpleasant dating scenario is when you are interested in a date and the person is playing hard to get, acting uninterested when you know the opposite is true. Situations such as these might leave you confused and wondering what your next step should be. Avoid these relationships and try to create honesty and trust on your dates. Send the same message you would like to have sent to you by not playing games yourself.

Stay Safe

If you are using a dating site or the Internet to find potential suitors, remember to be smart and stay safe. Exercise caution when agreeing to meet someone in person that you met online. Even if you are in a grocery store and an individual approaches you and asks you on a date, use your instincts and protect yourself. Remember that you don't know anything about this person. If you are unsure, consider double- or triple-dating the first three or four times you go out with that person. Keep your friends and family informed of where you are and when you are coming home. Until trust is established, plan your dates to take place in public places and stay in well-lit areas.

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