Kama Sutra Tips

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text focused on the intricacies and art of sexual relations. Written by Vatsyayana in the second century, A.D., the book is best known for its pictures and descriptions of 64 different love-making techniques. The Kama Sutra, however, is actually much more about the spirituality involved in sex than it is about purely lustful pursuits.

Basic Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra deals with much more than just love-making techniques. It involves meditation, sensuality, health and manners, and it strongly stresses the importance of using all your senses. In fact, the word "Kama" can be translated to mean love and sensual gratification. The text is intended to help give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner, ultimately increasing the pleasure for you both.

Kama Sutra Tips

It's important to talk and discuss your thoughts on the Kama Sutra with your partner before attempting to follow any of its practices. You need to be open and honest with each other about every aspect of the book. The best way to do this is to sit and read the book together, discussing each point along the way. Reading the book together gives you a chance to discuss it, and it gives you a chance to become familiar with the basic concepts.

It may seem like a silly thought, but it's wise to stretch some before trying to practice any of the techniques involved in the Kama Sutra. The positions and moves you will be practicing are closely related to yoga. You will learn how to use different muscles in new ways and be given a healthy workout. As with any other deep stretching exercise, your muscles need to be warmed up and limber for best results.

Always choose a flat, strong and stable surface to practice Kama Sutra techniques. Unless you're both yoga masters, you and your partner are probably going to be clumsy for the first few tries. You're going to need that stable and flat surface to help you keep your balance. A bed with a standard mattress will work, but stay off any waterbeds until you've had some practice.

Remember, it's important to enjoy yourself when practicing Kama Sutra techniques. Let go of your ego and insecurities to really be in the moment. Pay attention to your mind and body. Remain open and honest with your partner so that the experience can evolve into a deeper understanding of each other.

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