How to Keep a Girl Interested

If you have experienced problems in the past with losing the ones you loved, keep your current girlfriend interested by learning from those relationships. You bond will grow stronger if you can keep her engaged.

Keep a girl interested by letting her talk. When you run off at the mouth about yourself for hours on end, the interest will fade quickly.

Take your time. Don't divulge all of your secrets in the beginning. Let your stories unfold with time, and you will maintain some of your mystery. Rushing out of the gate with all of your best anecdotes can backfire.

Leave out the sales pitch. Bragging about yourself will only make you seem conceited. Keep a girl interested by letting your good qualities speak for themselves.

Let her talk. Ask a girl interesting questions to keep her interested in the conversation. Women consider you a good conversationalist when you are a good listener.

Stay silent about your wrecked relationships. These things will come out when a new relationship becomes serious. Blabbing about your crazy former girlfriends turns off other women. Don't share unless you're asked, and then use discretion.

Divulge little about your job. Never talk about how much money you make to a girl you just met. Keep her interested by telling her about your position and your responsibilities at work, not what they pay you.

Be funny. The average looking men you see with beautiful women usually display great senses of humor.

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