How to Keep a Man Coming Back for More

Keep a Man Coming Back for MoreKeep a Man Coming Back for More

Starting a relationship with a man is hard enough, but you have to continue working if you want to keep him in the relationship with you. Men have a tendency to lose interest quickly, whether by being more quiet or spending less time with you. Here are a few ways to keep your relationship interesting and keep you man coming back for more.

Live your own life. Continue doing things with family and friends without him at times and keep up your hobbies. This leads you to a more fulfilling life, which makes you a more desirable person to be around.

Accept invitations from your man to do something only when he has asked in advance. A man likes a woman who isn't relying on him at all times--needy is unattractive.

Boost his ego occasionally. A great way to do this is to have him teach you something he knows a lot about, whether it is a video game, sport or anything else he is interested in.

Change your look every now and again. When you are going on a date to someplace nice, get a spray tan, have your nails and hair done and wear something sexy. This will get his attention and make you feel good as well.

Show interest in what he likes, even if you don't like it. This doesn't mean you have to pretend to like all the same things, but choose one or two tolerable things like going to a sporting event or watching a movie he wants to see which you aren't as excited about.

Cook special meals every so often. Make something you haven't served him before, or an unexpected meal which has three or more courses. Prepare the meal in advance if you have never made it before though.

Discuss issues as they arise instead of seething privately. It is healthy to talk out your problems and makes your relationship stronger in the long run.

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  • Keep plans with your friends if he calls last minute to do something with you, unless he is surprising you with a special event. Watching movies at his place doesn't count.
  • Women who are happy with themselves are sexy, more desirable and fun to be around.
  • Be supportive of your man in all his endeavors, and he will return the favor.


  • Don't let yourself be taken for granted. Don't fall over him and make yourself available every time he asks, but be available to him at times.
  • Don't share everything about yourself in the beginning of the relationship. Mystery is intriguing which keeps him coming back.
  • Don't try to control or nag your man. No one likes to be nagged.

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