How to Keep a Romantic Journal

Keeping a romantic journal helps you reflect on your relationship between your spouse (or significant other) and yourself and how it's grown over the years. Getting started is easy and you will be leaving a love legacy behind for any children that come along to enjoy long after you and your spouse have departed. Here is how to keep your thoughts in a romantic journal.

Decide if you are going to share the journal with your significant other or keep it to yourself. Even though you probably share everything, you might not want to share all of your journal. In either case, let your spouse know you are keeping a journal.

Select a meaningful, private location to keep your journal. You might not want the kids to wander across your private intimate thoughts, so be sure to keep your journal in a place where they won't find it.

Write what you are thinking. The whole purpose of a journal is to record what you are thinking at the moment. Do not worry about spelling or sentence structure. Your high school English teacher isn't going to see this.

Record your thoughts regularly. Try to write in your romantic journal every day. If you have decided that the journal is a joint venture between the two of you, this will give you good reflection time together and will help build your relationship. Record when you first met and other special memories.

Share the romantic thoughts that you have written. Take a portion of what you're writing and share it with your mate. If you have written that you're thankful that they have been brought into your life, share that with them. They need to hear those affirmations from you and in doing so, it will strengthen your relationship.

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Things You Will Need

  • Journal
  • Pen

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