How to Get & Keep a Woman's Respect

Once you get her valuable respect, you can definitely work to keep it.Once you get her valuable respect, you can definitely work to keep it.

It doesn’t take an incredible amount to please a woman. Once she can trust that you are a good person, she’s likely to open up and share her life and experiences with you. However, gaining trust takes a bit of respect and that doesn’t come easily. Respect in any relationship is earned, so you must be willing to do what it takes to put forth effort to build it if you want her to view you as someone worth her time.

Step 1

Be honest even when honesty isn’t what she might want. The saying that “Honesty is the best policy” couldn’t be any more true when you’re dealing with a woman. Although you don’t need to tell her that you hate something that she loves, like her favorite leopard-print loveseat, telling the truth when it does matter is key. Tell her your opinion when you think it could help her make key decisions, even if it is providing constructive criticism on a project she’s working on. You let her know that you can match her emotional world with your honesty.

Step 2

Behave confidently and rid yourself of petty insecurities when you’re around her. Women are drawn to strength. You don’t have to overpower her or be a superhero, but being able to stand your ground on something you believe in or being able to chime in in a good debate will gain her respect.

Step 3

Avoid negativity; don’t complain and whine about every little thing that doesn’t please you. Find other topics to discuss when simple things seem to aggravate you. Leave complaints such as her delay in returning your message out of your discussions. Instead find positive highlights to share about your day.

Step 4

Be kind to others. From the elderly lady down the street to the little kid who kicked her ball into your yard, be nice and personable. Approach people with a kind heart and patient mind. Be willing to spending time doing something to help others in need. When you do so, you show her that you're willing to prioritize social relationships, which is important to many women.

Step 5

Listen intently to what she’s saying. When you have her ear, use it. Give proper feedback when it’s your turn to speak and suggestions when you have something in mind. Be able to converse with her by paying attention to what she says and providing interest and conversation in return. Paying attention to her works with her desire as a woman to strengthen social bonds.

Step 6

Be yourself. No matter if you’re the witty comedian who is more silly goofball than overly serious, be comfortable in the skin you’re in and be willing to just be yourself when you’re around her. She’ll respect you more if you’re not having to pretend to be something that you’re not.

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