Kissing Techniques for Women

Romance often starts with a kiss.Romance often starts with a kiss.

Kissing is a key element of an intimate relationship. It's often the first step with people who are getting physically close. If you've ever had the experience of kissing someone who doesn't know what they're doing, then you understand that there are definitely techniques that will help guide you towards a sexy and romantic kiss. A good kissing technique can be the start of something exciting.


Before you kiss anyone, you want to prepare yourself in ways that will make your kiss more desireable. Chapped lips and bad breath are something you want to make sure you've taken care of before kissing that special someone. Once you have soft lips and fresh breath, avoid the awkward approach of kissing someone straight on because this can sometimes force you to bump noses. Slightly tilt your head and move towards their face slowly.

Light Kissing

Light kissing is a good prerequisite to passionate, open-mouthed kissing. Start with light kisses on both his lips, then just the top lip and then the bottom lip. Kiss his cheeks, forehead and nose and then back to the mouth. With his lips closed, run your tongue across the length of both his lips and be sure to keep it light. Too much pressure with the tongue can be a turn off. You can also nibble lightly on his lips.

Passionate Kissing

Kissing him passionately can be the best warm-up and foreplay for setting up a romantic experience. Start by slightly parting your lips and allow your tongue to meet his or hers. A good thing to remember is to always use your tongue lightly and don't use too much saliva. Allow your tongue to play with his and then join your lips together again softly. Part of good kissing technique is following your partner's moves sometimes. If she is being the aggressor, try and follow what she's doing. Cupping her face in your hands is another move that can add to a passionate kiss.

Beyond the Lips

Kissing other body parts can help enhance your technique. The neck and ears can be quite errogenous and add to the whole kissing experience. For example, light kisses on the neck and using your tongue can be very stimulating. With others, a soft bite or nibble on the neck and ears can be very arousing. Experiment with what works best for you and your partner, and as with many other kinds of techniques, practice makes perfect.

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